When a picture says a thousand words… Go back to the basics, and...

When a picture says a thousand words…
Go back to the basics, and let time do the rest.
Board + Ocean x 1.5m = Social Distancing at its finest.
Surf in your State! Realise how blessed you are, to be in the ocean, during this global pandemic. The sooner we stop moving, the sooner we can start again
@bellastonegardner with the Cape Collective Mod Log || by @mattswandrummer
#BoardsInTheBay #capecollective #modlog #ByronBay #resinart #resintint #singlefin #madeinaustralia #australianmade #longboard (at Byron Bay, New South Wales)

Astro Pop by @pyzelsurfboards has just arrived in extremely...

Astro Pop by @pyzelsurfboards has just arrived in extremely limited numbers… possibly the first available anywhere in Australia 🇦🇺 This one is a 5’9 x 19 7/8 x 2 7/16 - 31.3 Litres
DM or give us a call to get your name on this thing! They are feeling ballistic under the arm, and if they go half as good as they look, summer is sorted (at Byron Bay, New South Wales)

September 01, 2019 — Tomas Martin


March 04, 2019 — Tomas Martin

Hyperglides by @capecollectivesurf are back in store! These are...

Hyperglides by @capecollectivesurf are back in store! These are hands down the best value #longboards you can get your hands on in #ByronBay
Come in and try the Demo, and see why this is fast becoming a favourite #mal in line ups all over Australia.
#BoardsInTheBay #australianmade #resintint (at Byron Bay, New South Wales)

March 04, 2019 — Tomas Martin

Flamed out DX1s by @dhdsurf looking Available in store now…....

Flamed out DX1s by @dhdsurf looking
Available in store now….
#BoardsInTheBay #quiver #dhd #madeinaustralia #flames (at Boards In The Bay)

February 15, 2019 — Tomas Martin

Four Fishes by @capecollectivesurf x @stuartsurfdesign...

Four Fishes by @capecollectivesurf x @stuartsurfdesign
#BoardsInTheBay #australianmade #twinfin #swallowtail #resintint #resinart

January 27, 2019 — Tomas Martin

Welcoming the #winningest surfboard of 2018 on the #WSL...

Welcoming the #winningest surfboard of 2018 on the #WSL championship tour! The IF-15 by @tpattersonsurfboards was ridden by @italoferreira to victory in Bells, Bali and Portugal.
We have a super limited drop, in store and online NOW! Tap to Shop…
#BoardsInTheBay #ByronBay #surferbuilt #exclusive (at Byron Bay, New South Wales)

December 17, 2018 — Tomas Martin

9’1” x 23” x 3” Log by @capecollectivesurf #BoardsInTheBay...

9’1” x 23” x 3” Log by @capecollectivesurf
#BoardsInTheBay #singlefin #madeinaustralia #resintint #longboard #ByronBay (at Boards In The Bay)

December 01, 2018 — Tomas Martin

IN STORE NOW - 7’2” AB 6 Channel Single Fin by @byrningspears x...

IN STORE NOW - 7’2” AB 6 Channel Single Fin by @byrningspears x @wilsonjet | Colour by @christianchapmanartist
#BoardsInTheBay #channelbottom #singlefin #madeinaustralia #byronbay #airbrush (at Byron Bay)

November 09, 2018 — Tomas Martin
Byron Bay Surf Hire - Kieren Perrow at Tallows Beach

Finding the right Surfboard to Hire, in Byron Bay

We have many World Class surf breaks in the Byron Bay area, that work in nearly all weather and swell conditions. However this won't matter if you don't have, or didn't bring your surf gear!

Luckily we are here to help! With the best range of Hire Surfboards, Hire Wetsuits and Automotive Accessory Hire to get you surfing no matter what your ability, Surfboard preference, of transport situation.

Check out the prices of the best Byron Bay Surf Hire 

Beginner Surfboard Hire

If you are just starting out we would recommend hiring a Softboard or Foamie, in the 7 Foot to 9 Foot range, depending on the weight and fitness of the rider. We will size you up when we see you in store, and select accordingly. Softboards are great for beginners as they are safe, very user friendly, and difficult to damage. We would suggest learning the basics in the Bay, at either Main Beach, Clarkes Beach or the Pass. We will let you know the best breaks to surf during the term of your Hire when you come in store to pick up your surfboard and wetsuit.

Intermediate Surfboard Hire

If you're a bit further along your surfing journey, it will be best to go with either a Fun Board or Mini Mal. We carry these exclusively in Australian Made Fibreglass/PU construction for optimum performance, lightness and natural feel underfoot. With surfboards from 6'4" to 8'0, we have plenty of options for a wide range of surfers and their needs. We will help you out with selecting a surf spot, once we know your ability, board choice and mode of transport. There are more than fifteen great surf breaks within 15 minutes of the store!

Advanced Surfboard Hire

For the more Advanced Surfer, we can offer a range of Performance Shortboards and Small Wave Boards. Sizes range from 5'4" to 6'4", catering for higher level Junior Surfers and Grand Masters alike!

Longboard Hire

If a cruisy slide on a perfect running point break is more your thing, our range of Longboards and Logs will have cross stepping with the best of them! We carry a few 9'1" Single Fin Logs, as well as more High Performance Mals. These are always the first to run out, as longboards are a little tricky to get onto most domestic flights. So you might not be able to bring your own longboard to Byron Bay unless you are coming by car.

Surfboard Demos

We also have identical surfboards to the Hire range available for purchase. So you can hire a board, to try it before you buy! We will even discount up to 24 Hours of hire fees off the price of your new surfboard, so the demo won't cost you a cent.




October 05, 2018 — Tomas Martin

Mini Twin for the Win! Action shot of @asher_pacey by @swillpics...

Mini Twin for the Win! Action shot of @asher_pacey by @swillpics - Asher rides the 5’3”
#BoardsInTheBay #twinfin #australianmade #byronbay #resintint #minitwin (at Byron Bay)

September 24, 2018 — Tomas Martin

6’0 Asymm by @heavencustomsurfboards #BoardsInTheBay #handshaped...

6’0 Asymm by @heavencustomsurfboards
#BoardsInTheBay #handshaped #swallowtail #madeinjapan #blackandwhite #asymmetric

September 19, 2018 — Tomas Martin